5 Worst Wedding Photo Ideas

From the odd to the downright wrong, check out these 5 worst wedding photo ideas that serve as a cautionary tale for couples everywhere. A lesson for everyone: Pinterest is all fun and games… until it goes too far.

1. Pictures with Produce

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I get that people like wholesome food, but do we need to pose with it? Are onions the new symbols of love? Onions?!

2. Racy Group Photos


As someone named The Sexy, I’m no  prude. I do, however, understand that not all bridesmaids are as adventurous as I am. The last thing you want to do is make anyone uncomfortable. After all, something like the photo above is just what that one creepy groomsman needs to spend the rest of the wedding hitting on the single bridesmaid that you’ve paired him up with. You don’t want to go there.

3. The Awkward Frame Up


This looks natural, right? Let’s put aside the fact that it has been expertly stylized to keep only the bride and groom in colour, this whole let’s hold a frame and have someone else be in the picture is a little… boring. Is this the picture you want on your mantlepiece? Hey look grand-children – this is when your grandpa held a frame and I sat on a grass. Romantic, right? No. Don’t waste your precious time on your wedding day posing for this one!

4. Oh, look a small person!


Whether you opt for the small bride or the small groom, use perspective to create this pose or Photoshop, this is one collective nightmare it is high time we all wake up from. Not that we won’t be having nightmares about it for years to come. I recommend therapy.

5. The Mirror Picture


Imma gonna hold up a mirror (because people do that sort of thing in every day real life), and take a picture of my bridesmaids. Yeah. No. This is one of the most awkward pictures I have ever set my eyes on. No one wants this in their wedding album.

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