20 Drool-Worthy Wedding Garter Sets

Wedding Garter SetThis is the only guide you need to read if you want to find a beautiful, sexy wedding garter set in your style and price range. Trust me, I am a wedding garter aficionado. As a little girl I thought that bridal garters were the prettiest part of a wedding. They are so delicate, lacy, and irresistible girly. Did I forget to mention sexy? Who wouldn’t want to lift up a dress and find one of these waiting for them?

For those who don’t know, a Wedding Garter Set includes one pretty garter you keep as a keepsake and one you throw during the traditional garter toss. There are some garters below that are just single keepsake garters, but there’s an option when you buy almost all of them to add on a garter for tossing.

1. Heirloom Hand-beaded Bridal Garter Set by Millie Icaro

Bridal Garter Set Bridal Garter Set

So, I’m starting this list out with my favourite! If I was getting married tomorrow this would be the garter for me. I think its the intricate beading and delicate ivory lace that does it. Maybe I should see if someone will marry me tomorrow so that I have an excuse to wear this? That sounds like a reasonable life choice doesn’t it?

Price: $148

2. Vintage Inspired Crystal Brooch Garter by Garter Queen

Wedding Garter Set Wedding Garter Set

I love the vintage Victorian feel that this garter has. It features a stunning crystal brooch. This would match perfectly with a dreamy lacy dress. I love how well the Keepsake and Toss garters match in this unforgettable set.

Price: $118

3. Blue Stylish Wedding Garter Set by The Garter Girl

Blue Wedding Garter Set Blue Wedding Garter Set

I love this garter because it’s simple and beautiful. It’s also a multi-tasking genius. Need something blue? Here it is in one pretty package! I love the satin ribbon on this and the adorable bow. I’m a sucker for anything satin. It’s just so soft and shiny!

Price: $48

4. Heirloom Wedding Garter Set:

Wedding Garter SetLace ruffles! Lace ruffles! I am hyperventilating in my excitement. Are there two words in the English language that go together in a more charming way? This is just so elegant. If I wore this, I would expect myself to be far more mature and sophisticated. Do you think it’s okay to wear wedding garters as an every day fashion statement? Because looking at this picture makes me want to start a trend.

Price: $128

5. Blue Wedding Garter Set by Garter Queen

Blue Wedding Garter Set Blue Wedding Garter Set

I love this dark blue design. Who says your something blue has to be robin’s egg blue? This deep shade makes all the right statements. Also, this garter has Swarovski crystals and beads. Oh, shiny, pretty things – how I love you!

Price: $108

6. Classy Wedding Garter by The Garter Girl

White Wedding Garter Set White Wedding Garter SetAnother great garter by The Garter Girl. This one mixes it up by pairing a satin garter with a grosgrain bow. This is classy. I think I need to emphasize this by spelling it out. C-L-A-S-S-Y. See, a spelling lesson and a garter recommendation all in one!

Price: $52

7. Aphrodite Beaded Garter by Florrie Mitton

Bridal Garter Bridal Garter

Um, yes? Can I have one now? How quickly do these ship? Can we overnight it?

Price: $80

8. Lace and Pearl Garter by Be Something New

Wedding garter

Vintage flowers, lace, and netting. Be Something New has put it all together to create a work of garter art. This should probably be in a museum rather than on some bride’s thigh.

Price: $45

 9. Luca Lace Wedding Garter by Percy Handmade

Wedding Garter

This garter has style AND personality. I love the white silk flowers and the delicateSwarovski pearls and crystals. It’s just so dreamy. I feel about this garter the way I used to feel about the Tiger Beat posters of teen idols I used to put on my ceiling.

Price: $145

10. Floral and Leaf Garter by Melinda Rose Design

Melinda Rose Design

This is one finely crafted garter. The flowers are hand soldered and gold plated and the leaves hand painted. This is the work of a refined craftsman. It’s the perfect simple and beautiful garter for brides who like the finer things in life!

Price: $125

11. Something Blue Garter By Davie and ChiyoBlue Bridal Garter

Blue Bridal Garter

This garter is inspired by art deco and I’m glad it is because it’s art-dec-amazing (do you see what I did there? Wait, of course you did. It was pretty obvious). The blue ribbon pictured can be swapped for a wide variety of sorbet colored options.

Price: $28

12. Sparkling Bling Bridal Garter by Le Gartier

Bridal GarterBridal Garter

This garter is luxury defined. Just feast your eyes on all those rhinestones. Wow. I want! I want! I want!

Price: $210

 13. Audrey Bridal Garter Set by Lo Boheme

Bridal Garter Audrey Briday Garter 2-

Next we have a garter made with velvet, vintage silk and taffeta. This raspberry pink garder has pink ostrich feathers.I love how much personality this garter has. It’s so unique and different from your other options. Set yourself apart with this garter.

Price: $75

14. Crystal and Opal Blossom Garter by Twigs and Honey

Bridal Garter Bridal Garter

The website hails this garter as ‘The prettiest garter around.” I concur emphatically. This garter features swarovski rhinestones and opal colored crystals and is both sweet and sexy. But most of all PRETTY!

Price: $120

15. Black Wedding Garter by Three Sunbeams

Black wedding Garter

This garter has drama and sexy appeal! Did you watch 10 Things I Hate About You growing up? Well, everyone who did knows what black lingerie means. That you’re just be having a black and white wedding. Right? I love the floral lace and the beaded sequins.

Price: $85

 16. Dusty Rose and Ivory Lace Garter Set by Nana Rose Designs

Bridal garter set

This is a beautiful shade of pink. Dusty rose. It even sounds romantic. The maker has other colors to coordinate with your wedding colours but I love the frayed shabby chic flower and the vintage look of this piece.

Price: $22

17. No 1 by Mamie and James

Bridal Garter

Frilly and sparkly. Perfection! I love the layered tulle look of this garter. It’s adorned with Swarovski crystals, and a vintage brooch. You get to choose the tulle color and the brooch. I like choice. I like tulle. Sign me up!

Price: $150

18. Fiji Garter by Bleu Garters

Shell wedding garter

What do you do if you’re having a destination or beach wedding? Get something luxurious and appropriate. This apricot garter has a gorgeous pearlescent seashell. It’s shell-tacular. Okay, that didn’t work that well. Please don’t judge me for my unsuccessful pun. Just buy this garter, okay?

Price: $85

 19. Sterling Silver with Crystal by Laced With Luster

Silver Chain Wedding Garter

This garter is unique and very boho chic. It’s also hot and sexy. Be original. But this cool look!

 Price: $116

20. Xoffa Bridal Garter Sexy by Millie Icaro

Wedding Garter

I started with a Millie Icaro piece. I’m ending with a Millie Icaro piece. This is stylish, feminine and refined. I’m such a sucker for those things. 

Price: $85

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I hope you found the wedding garter set of your dreams!


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