The Sexy Revolution (it’s a thing – trust us)

This is me dancing. So,  I’m starting this blog with a declaration and I’m not in any mood to mince words. I am henceforth to be known as ‘The Sexy Blogger’ or ‘The Sexy’ for short.

A little over the top, you might think. A tad cocky, you could say. Perhaps. But I’ve decided that I no longer care what anyone thinks. You see, I have a long history of caring too much about what people think.

On this point, I know I’m not alone. Who among us hasn’t worried until the point of distraction about what this or that person thought about us? Who among us hasn’t bit our tongue when we had something interesting to say? Or toned down our personalities to keep other people happy?

Remember when you were in middle school and went to all those school dances? Who among us hasn’t dutifully bopped around to the music in unison with everyone else when what we really wanted to do was get our DANCE on?

Turning 30…

Photo by Andrew RoseI’m turning 30 this year and I think now is the time in your life when you realize that being cool or being prim and proper, or being whatever it is that isn’t authentically you was never as important as you thought it was. We live once. We need to dance. We need to be as loud or as brash as we want to be. We need to say what’s on our minds. We need to wear whatever the heck we want.

And yes, we need to call ourselves The Sexy if we so desire.

Not listening to what other people think…

For years I wore demure dresses and pantsuits out of fear that someone (my mother probably!) would ask me why I was showing so much skin. Or I told myself I would buy that slinky dress when I lost weight or toned up. I was both afraid of being seen as being sexy and I was afraid of not being seen as sexy. Enough of that. From now on I’m going to embrace my imperfect but beautiful body and tell anyone who objects that its none of their business what I’m wearing.

Defining sexy for myself…

We’re told all the time what’s sexy and what isn’t. I for one am sick of being told I’m too sexy or not sexy enough. I’m sick of being told I have to buy this or wear that to be sexy. That I’m too fat or too thin. That my breasts are too large or too small. That my hem or my neckline is too high or too low.

marciniachowizcomWhat I’ve realized is that being sexy isn’t about wearing the lowest neckline or the highest slit. No, it’s about how you feel in your own skin. It’s about how you hold yourself and the confidence you have. It’s about wearing what makes you feel comfortable and doing what you want. It’s about shutting out the voices around you telling you that you’re not good enough, too much of this, or not enough of that. It’s about having the audacity to just be who you want to be and ignore a whole culture trying to make you into something else.

Every woman can be sexy. You’re sexy. I’m sexy. It’s about time we start owning that. Let’s reclaim sexy. I invite you to join the Sexy Revolution!

The Sexy Revolution…

What is the Sexy Revolution? It’s about redefining the word sexy and reclaiming it from those who have made it a bad word. It’s about deciding that you’re going to be exactly who you are. Finally. After all these years! If that person loves turtlenecks and pantsuits that’s great. If that person loves booty shorts and halter tops, that’s sexy too. But if you’ve never liked turtlenecks or you’ve worn one too many halter tops then stop wearing them and wear the things you’ve always wanted to wear.

But more importantly, do the things you have been too afraid to do.Do the things you’ve been too self-conscious to do. Dance like an idiot if that’s your thing (it’s my thing, in case anyone is wondering). I’m going to just be me and I hope that you’ll just be you too. Something small like that might not seem revolutionary but trust me, it is. Too many people hide the best parts of themselves from others. By being your sexy self you’ll give other people permission to be their sexy selves.

Spread the Revolution!

That’s why I’ve created the manifesto and the badge below. Please help me spread the Sexy Revolution by sharing them on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! With your help we can cut through the bullshit and just be our sexy selves in all their shapes, colours, abilities, genders, sexualities, and sizes!

The Sexy ManifestoSexy Revolution
But why Wedding Dresses?

WarningWhat does this have to do with a wedding blog, you might be asking? It doesn’t need to have anything to do with a wedding blog, but being my authentic and sexy self has everything to do with this blog.  Following your dreams is sexy and this is me following mine. Since I’ve been thinking a lot about these issues, however, I wanted to add them to the mix on this site by blogging about them as well.

I’ll be sharing some of the sexiest dresses and some tips for how to have a sexy wedding, a sexy wedding night, a sexy honeymoon, and a sexy life. A lot of these tips will have to do with feeling confident and trusting your instincts about what you want and not listening to others. Other tips will be very specifically about great dresses, or lingerie, or garter sets. Weddings are times when there is a lot of pressure on brides to do and be things that others want them to be. There is so much societal pressure and I want this site to be a safe space where brides can think about what they really want and find the courage to just be their sexy self.

Rule 1: The Sexy Revolution - Photo by Brandon Christopher Warren

So Where Do I Sign Up?

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Until next time just remember: Viva la Sexy Revolution!

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