The Ultimate Guide to Sexy Wedding Dresses 2014

Sexy Wedding Dress by Justin Alexander 8687This is THE definitive guide to sexy wedding dresses. Organized by style and price, this guide is updated every season to ensure that the dresses are available. We are also adding new dresses every week in the styles that you are searching for, so check back often.

As the proprietor of The Sexy Wedding Dress (SWD), my goal is to help you find the dress that makes you say, “Yes! Yes! Yes! This is the dress that will make my fiance melt on the altar into a big puddle of groom goo.” We also have a guide that will help you Get Wedding Sexy. Click at your own risk and only if you really want to liquify your lover.

WARNING: We are not responsible if any of our advice cause grooms to be incoherent, distracted, or extremely excited on their wedding day. We also take no responsibility to any under table groping, inappropriate things whispered into your ear within an uncomfortable proximity to your grandmother, or attempts to coax you into the coatroom.  We warned you!

Your 2014 Sexy Wedding Dress by STYLE:

Our Sexy Manifesto - Viva the revolution!

While some brides choose conservative dresses we know you are looking for something a little different. It might be that you’re hunting for a low back wedding dress or looking for something that shows off a bit of cleavage. We highlight choices that range from the suggestive to the downright risque which means we have something that will thrill almost every bride.

We want to help you be the Sexy Bride that we know you are. If there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t here just leave a note in the comments and we’ll do our best to post about it!

Backless Wedding Dresses – Low Back Wedding Dresses

Low back wedding dress - backless wedding dressWho doesn’t love a dress showing off your beautiful, sexy back? Didn’t Justin Timberlake write a whole song about it? That’s what he was talking about, right?

7 Must-See Backless and Low Back Wedding Dresses





Bohemian Wedding Dresses:

Boho Wedding Dress - under $3000Ethereal. Delicate. Free-spirited. Relaxed. Effortless. These are unfortunately all things that I am not. But they happen to be very sexy. Yowza.

7 Ethereal Bohemian Wedding Dresses






Corset Wedding Dresses:

Corset wedding DressIt’s the lacing and the delicate bones of the corset that makes this one sexy. Plus, corsets tend to push and prod things into all the right places. As someone who has very little in the chest area, I salute you corsets! Thank you for years of making it seem like I actually had cleavage!

7 Jaw-Dropping Corset Wedding Dresses




 Courthouse Wedding Dresses:

Courthouse Wedding Dress - bhldnGoing to the courthouse and we’re going to get maaaarried! Courthouse weddings generally feature fun, sophisticated, short and sexy dresses. Apparently, we feel more comfortable showing off our legs when God isn’t watching? If that’s the case, its because legs are sexy and so are courthouse wedding dresses.

7 Courthouse Wedding Dresses That Should Be Illegal



Your Sexy Wedding Dress by PRICE:

Coming soon!


We also have The Sexy Bride Guide to help you look and feel sexy on your big day, so check that out. And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to get your free guide: 7 Secrets to Being Sexy (In Sweatpants, Mom Jeans or Your Wedding Dress). You should totally sign up. It’s actually quite informative while also being hilarious.

I hope this helps you find the 2014 sexy wedding dress of your dreams!




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