The Sexy Revolution – Rule 1

Rule 1: The Sexy Revolution - Photo by Brandon Christopher Warren

Photo by Brandon Christopher Warren

Rule #1 of The Sexy Revolution!:

Stop Caring About What Other People Think… and do whatever the heck you want!

Here’s the thing with social pressure – it limits you. Want to dance like no one’s watching? Yes, but people ARE watching. Want to be a brilliant engineer? Yes, but WOMEN aren’t good at Math. Want to wear a bright yellow dress on your wedding day? Yes, but what will your NANA say? Add up all those ‘Yes, buts’ and you have a whole life of being less than who you are or could be. That’s a recipe for unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. Not being your authentic self means that you spend your life being a half-person. Half-happy. Half-you.

Life is short.

What I LOVE about the picture above is that the woman in it is rocking those pink glasses. She’s not thinking that they might look a little silly. She’s just thinking that they’re fun and that she’s going to wear the heck out of them and enjoy it! It’s time we all adopt that woman as our mentor. Let’s all wear our metaphorical (or actual!) crazy pink glasses.  Let’s embrace ourselves and be confident in who we are because that confidence is sexy. Don’t believe me? Just look at the woman above. She’s one sexy beast!

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