The ‘Sexy Bride’ Guide

KissThis is THE comprehensive guide to all you need to know to be the Sexy Bride you want to be. Focusing on everything from your makeup to how to get fit to what to wear under your wedding dress, this guide will cover everything you could possibly think of and give you a timeline of how many days, weeks, or months before your wedding you should do it. The articles below are divided alphabetically by topic.  We update this Guide every week so check back often!

VERY IMPORTANT: We here at The Sexy Wedding Dress actually think you don’t need any of these things to be sexy. We believe that you are already shockingly sexy and that confidence and a sense of fun are all that are necessary for the inner sexy to shine through. But we know that many of our readers will be doing some of these things and we wanted to help cut through the bullshit that so many other sites peddle.

The Sexy Bride Guide by Topic:

Wedding undergarmentsLingerie – Wedding undergarments:

There’s nothing worse than having a wardrobe malfunction and flashing all of your relatives and friends your sexy business. I am here to save you from that wretched embarrassment. I’ll show you which wedding undergarments will keep everything in place.

20 Drool-Worthy Wedding Garter Sets

Best results when started 3 months before wedding.

Get Fit and HealthyGet Fit and Healthy: (coming soon)

Here’s the deal – losing weight is a good thing only if it is a result of getting fit and healthy. Crash dieting? You can’t eat cabbage soup for the rest of your life. Here we’ll be evaluating some popular diets and exercise programs and letting you know which pass The Sexy’s Fit and Healthy Bullshit Detector. Our goal is to get you started living healthy so that your happily ever after lasts a very long time.

Best results when started 6-12 months before wedding.


Wedding HairHair: (coming soon)

Up? Down? Curly? Straight? We’ll help you tackle these existential questions by showing you some cool wedding hairstyles that work for different types and lengths of hair. We’ll also give you tips on how to make your hair look silky and beautiful on your wedding day.

Best results when started 3 months before wedding.


Wedding JewelryJewelry – Wedding Jewelry: (coming soon)

From big and gaudy to small and delicate, we’ll show you what your jewelry options are. My preference? Diamonds. Lots. Unfortunately, I am not married to a billionaire.

Best results when started 3 months before wedding.



Wedding MakeupMakeup: (coming soon)

Whether you’re like a toddler scribbling with the big crayons (like me) or whether you have the precise brushstrokes of Frida Kahlo, this guide will give you tips and trick to how to do your makeup or work with your makeup artist for your big day.

Best results when started 1 month before wedding.


Wedding nailsNails: (coming soon)

I am that person who 1 hour after doing her nails has already screwed them up. Which is why I don’t allow myself nice things like professional manicures. But some people like having their nails all decked out.

Best results when started 1 month before wedding.


Wedding ShoesShoes: (coming soon)

Style or comfort? Style or comfort!? I say choose both. Either choose a shoe that has both style AND comfort and choose a pair of wedding shoes and a pair of reception shoes. Think you can survive in those uncomfortable shoes? I refer you to ‘The Unfortunate Toe Bleeding Incident of 2006’ when I was in my sister’s wedding party and my toe started bleeding during pictures.

Best results when started 3 months before wedding.


Wedding Skin CareSkin: (coming soon)

Zits. I said what you were thinking, didn’t I? Stress gives them to us and nothing can be as stressful as pre-wedding jitters, or last minute to dos… or mother-in-laws.  But who wants a zit in their wedding photos? Or rashes, or rough skin, or hives on their wedding day? Here I will give you advice on how to ensure your skin is a soft as a baby’s butt.

Best results when started 2 months before wedding


Teeth Whitening: (coming soon)

Red lipsI like drinking and eating things. I’m sure you do too. Unfortunately, this stains our teeth. How do we rectify this and not destroy our precious chompers? I’ll review some great teeth cleaning kits and let you know which is right for your teeth and budget.

Best results when started 1 month before wedding.


Wedding WaxingWaxing: (coming soon)

Why do people wax? It’s cruel and unusual punishment isn’t it? No? Fine. Wax away. Here are some tips, tricks and ways to reduce the pain.

Best results when done never… I mean when done 1 week before wedding.


Let us know if there’s any topics you want us to cover in the comments! We’ll do whatever we can to help you become the Sexy Bride you want to be!

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